Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Kale, Kale, the Gang's All Here"

For 40 days I ate a vegetarian (almost vegan) diet and felt great – the daily fatigue was gone and I lost 12 pounds.  I had no sweets during this time either.  I discovered new vegetables – kale, artichoke, and how to use them to make some tasty dishes.  Now if I can just muster up enough self-discipline to lose the last 30 pounds.   How do people do it? 

The bills are starting to come in for the last round of tests I had done in late December.  Insurance now pays 90% after the $4k deductible is met.  But I am sooooo grateful to have insurance and a Health Savings Account; so many people don’t have that luxury. 

My meds are unchanged and I will see my cardiologist again in May.  My hope is to have lost the rest of this weight so I can surprise him.  He would be thrilled.

My daughter and best friend are doing the Mini-Heart Walk with me this year.  It is on my birthday; so what better way to celebrate.  We will also dance on Fountain Square the night before, just like last year (OK, I admit it was just me and a drunk guy dancing).  So watch for another exciting (uh, hilarious) video!

Here’s to YOUR health,

Here's my best friend - today is her BIRTHDAY!