Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dreams and Visions

Yes, I know the Bible talks about dreams and visions given to "old men, young men, etc.".  What I am speaking of here is when God gives YOU something personal just for your life, not for anyone else.  It happened to me over 15 years ago.  Living in a rental apartment, having lost my house in a very ugly, messy divorce (is there any other kind?) and wondering just who loved me, who was my friend and who wasn't, what my future would look like, etc. etc.  I was at a very low point in my life.  Though it was hard to believe it, I felt like God was showing me my future.  It was a vision of a little modest home in a neighborhood, with a decent sized kitchen (nothing like the apartment), a back door, and a great window to see outside in the yard (again, not like an apartment).  My child(ren) could come in from outside playing in their yard and perhaps bring their friends in for Kool-Aid.  You know, just like the commercials...hahaha  It was very similar to the home I had grown up in as a child.  Honestly, I thought to myself, "by the time we get out a rental, my child will be grown....and besides I see no way I will ever be able to own a home again.  For goodness sake, my child  right now can't even safely ride her bike in the parking lot and I worry about the weirdos around here!  I truly didn't see why God was giving me this "dream" of the future but I held onto it.  I kept that "vision" in the back of my mind for many years.  Little did I know how God would fulfill it.  

Just this morning I was standing at my kitchen counter making my mom's coleslaw recipe and looked out through the row of windows and back door(s), at the beautiful yard and God brought that "vision" back to my mind.  He definitely has fulfilled the dream He gave me.  A new child now plays in that yard and comes in hot and thirsty for Kool-Aid.  Did I think that along the way to this new life I would end up with dilated cardiomyopathy?  Of course not.  I hadn't even heard of it 15 years ago.  But do I thank God for the "valleys and the mountains and the things He brought me through"?  You bet I do!  You take the "good" with the "bad" and you trust God every day because He always has your best in mind.  Hold onto your dreams and visions.  God has it all under control.