Friday, April 25, 2014

We Shall See...

The time has almost come for my next echocardiogram.  Then "we shall see" if there is any improvement in my ejection fraction.  I am both excited and a little nervous.  It won't happen until September when all of the summer fun and activities and traveling are over, and hopefully my job won't be quite so hectic since school will have started in August.  

On the PLUS side, I feel awesome.  I have lost 20 of the 40# I was supposed to lose and and my cardiologist is thrilled.  On the minus side, the CPAP machine drives me bonkers and I usually end up ripping it off my face after a few hours.  It seems "they" (whoever they are) could make something comfortable and quiet, and actually live up to their advertisements.  More of us sleep apnea patients would be using their products then and not just watching them collect dust on our nightstands.

I am still on all of the same medications and have had no ill effects except some foot cramping, probably from the Lipitor.  But that seems a very small "price to pay" for what truly could be a major obstacle in my life.  I feel great and can walk and play and do anything I want to do.  I work full time and am truly blessed to have a desk job that does not stress me out and some really great people to work with.  The future is bright and my family is growing.  My daughter and her husband are expecting a second baby this summer!  Little Madeline will join her big sister Marli and my heart is so full of good things. Speaking of which, last weekend my little guy and I went to Kings Island amusement park.  We are on the same level when it comes to rides; he doesn't like the scary ones either so we are perfectly content to ride the tame ones.  Then we sat and watched the fountains turn colors after dark until the fireworks started.  Truly, I thought my heart would BURST (figuratively speaking, of course) as we sat there together.  I thought, "God, I have had such an incredible, satisfying life. Thank YOU so much!"  

On that note, this morning I heard a song, "Never Alone" sung by Matt Redman.  Tears filled my eyes as I realized the words were so true for me....."never once did we ever walk alone; never once did you leave us on our own.  You are faithful, God You are faithful."  I would encourage you to find that song and listen to it.

A good friend is having chemo today, just her 2nd treatment.  She has a super good attitude.  We talked about how these bodies do wear out, the curse of this life.  But she told me that she is ready to let God use this experience however He sees fit.  She is ready to "walk this thing out" for His Glory.  I am so proud of her.  I sent her a card today and wanted to put in a "healing" verse.  When I looked them all up, I was reminded of her telling me that she is no longer a "name it, claim it" gal.  I agree with her.  Sometimes sickness happens and we do just simply have to "walk it out".  So instead of one of those verses, I sent her this one:

"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.
When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned,
Nor shall the flame scorch you."
Isaiah 43:2

Notice it doesn't say "IF you pass through the waters..."  It says "WHEN..."  (Yes, I got that from Beth Moore; I'm not that smart...haha)  In this life, we WILL have trouble, that's pretty certain.  But God is always with us.  And yes, "We shall See....what GOD will do through our trials and the great things He will use them for.  Be encouraged as you too "walk this thing out".