Friday, November 19, 2021


 Happy Thanksgiving!  Can't wait for all of the FOOD and DESSERTS next week, but mostly I'm focusing on being GRATEFUL.  God has been incredibly faithful to us.  

My husband's recent echo still shows just 30-35% ejection fraction but his heart is now NORMAL size (no dilation) so that is great news.  Also, he has been able to do physical activities outside so long as he rests the next day.  To think where God has brought us in a year is incredible.  Our next step is a MUGA scan again, which will happen late December.  After that, who knows?  We are believing God for a complete healing in the next couple of months.  Yes!

I feel GREAT; honestly.  I've had a few crazy times of tachycardia this last year but nothing sustained.  My ICD battery is good for another 10 months!  I've been walking 30-60 minutes 5x a week and it helps me feel good and sleep better.  

Over the summer I was able to go on my very first Missions Trip; what an adventure.  A group of us went to an Indian Reservation to do a VBS in Harrah, Washington.  It was HOT - no air conditioning!  I had avoided this trip for many years due to my heart issues.  Now that I'm 60, I thought "it's now or never".  With the generous financial help from several people, I was able to go, even though my husband is now on disability and our income is greatly cut.  But God....!!!

My mom passed away on June 9 from kidney failure; she had been on dialysis for about 7 years and just decided she'd had enough.  I supported her decision; she knew where she was going when she died and did it without fear.  What a way to go!!  

Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner; I pray you find peace in this season and a bright hope for the New Year.  Blessings to you!

This played on the radio this morning as I was coming to work; it's the most beautiful version I've heard...

O Holy Night - Celine Dion 

Thursday, January 21, 2021

LifeVest by Zoll

Tuesday was the day we waited for; it seemed like January 19 took FOREVER to get here.  Everyone we trusted was praying and I was certain that my husband's Echocardiogram would show at least 40% ejection fraction, but I really wanted 55% and told God that.  Many, many people agreed with us in prayer that this would be the case.  The 9 different medications and the rest he was getting, along with the prayer and fasting by our friends, just HAD to "work", right?  I was sooooo ready for things to be normal again; for my handsome, strong husband to get back to his job and just be healthy.  We have a life to live; things to do, people to see, places to go, etc. etc. etc.

About an hour after the echo, the advanced heart failure specialist came in to see us.  She is a pretty blonde haired lady, soft spoken and so very kind.  The ejection fraction was read by another doctor at just 25%.  Her words, "he reads low".  I didn't know what that meant so she explained that the "machine" read 41% but the doctor has the final say.  She also said that we should probably return in 6 weeks and try another test, a MUGA scan.  This test is more accurate for ejection fraction readings.  She asked my husband if he was willing to wear the "Lifevest" for 6 more weeks (he is so anxious to get rid of it) instead of going ahead with the ICD now, which he may not need after all.  The cost of the rental is very high and he was concerned about the bill we are racking up.  I told him it was his decision and not to make health decisions based on $$; do what you feel is best for you.  He decided to wait the 6 weeks out.  When we left the office I told my husband, "so, we're still in a waiting pattern".  I remember that "they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength."  But waiting is so dang hard...

Just this morning God brought to mind a book that I had read over a year ago by Laura Story, "When God doesn't fix it".  I got it out and read a little; I highly recommend it to you who are struggling, like I am, with waiting.  

As far as my own dilated cardiomyopathy, I am having my ICD checkup next month.  It may be time for a new battery; it's been 10 years now.  Our medical bills are piling up and my husband is now on unpaid leave.  But, as my friend Cathi Campfield used to say, "there is always, always something to be thankful for."  I have a great job that pays well and we have insurance and an HSA account.  And my husband is actually much, much better!  He is gaining strength daily.  So we continue on, in faith, that this is just a season of our lives and we will learn some valuable things during this time of waiting.  After all, we've already seen and experienced the evidence of HIS goodness...

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