Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Free Gift With Purchase

A big box arrived at my home last week from Boston Scientific.  Apparently, when you spend $72,000+ with them, you also get a "free gift".  Reminds me of a special TV offer....."if you act now, we'll not only install a pacemaker in your chest, you'll also get this handy keep-at-home-by-your-bed monitor that will alert your physician if your heart goes haywire".  I haven't opened the box yet; doing so would signify to my brain that I am, indeed, constantly being monitored.  I already got a phone call yesterday from a paid solicitor asking if I share the views of those who participated in "Tea Party Protests".   Call me paranoid, but, I don't need anyone else monitoring me....haha  Yes, eventually I will open it and keep it by my bed like a good little patient, but not just yet.....perhaps when I'm 65.

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