Monday, April 2, 2012

Could I be losing my mind....?

Maybe I just have a little too much on my mind lately, yeah, that must be it!  Since the latest echo was no better than my first one (Jan. 2011) the cardiologist put my medication back to a higher level.  Now I am tired too early again.  Also, I feel agitated in the early evening (after the medication).  My best friend is having cancer surgery two weeks from tomorrow, I have a dr. appt on Wed. and not expecting good news, and a couple other confidential items are all bothering me lately.  So maybe I'm not crazy after all. 

On my lunchtime walk today, as I was listening to a great song, "Today" by 33 Miles, I was just bee-bopping along (you know, singing and pointing my finger, etc. etc.), then I realized the landscaping guys were sitting in their truck trying to enjoy their lunch.  They just smiled and nodded; apparently they've seen this type of behavior before on other jobs.  And that's not the strangest thing that happened.  My ipod played a tornado warning!  And there's not a tornado warning, and it isn't the first Wednesday of the month either...haha.  I even took the earpiece out to make sure it wasn't for real.  But it wasn't.  Not sure what that is supposed to mean.  Is God trying to tell me something?  Like quit looking for trouble because some people have REAL trouble.  We visited a homeless shelter on Sat. and there are girls there with BABIES.  That's serious trouble in my book.  It has bothered me so much and I can't get them out of my mind, nor out of my prayers. 

So I'll get on to my whole grain fettuccine - it doesn't taste near as bad it looks - lunch now.  More later after I see the doc on Wed.

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