Thursday, January 10, 2013


Well, even though I am sicker than I have ever been with an upper respiratory infection right now (seriously, I've missed 2 days of work already), I got some excellent news yesterday.  My ejection fraction is now 20-25% !!!  Yay!  It seems the CPAP machine is working to control my sleep apnea, which in turn is helping my heart function.  I continue to enjoy no heart failure symptoms and am very grateful.  

My next goal is to finally get my weight down.  I STILL need to lose 40# and I can't wait to get better so I can start exercising again.  Right now (for the last 4 days) I have been eating a  strict vegan diet and am excited to kick-start my weight loss this way.  I have never known an overweight vegetarian so I think they just might be onto something.  Of course, being a meat-cutter's daughter I will probably go back to meat after the fast is over, but I hope to improve my eating habits for life.  Vegetable and fruit varieties seem endless and I know my husband loves that I have these items on hand now too.  He has always been a healthy eater and I have hindered him I'm sure.  I mean, seriously, who sits around at night with a plate of raw broccoli and cheddar cheese strips?  That is just weird...but, then again he has never had a weight problem.  Hmmmmm......could he be on to something?

I'm contemplating doing the mini heart-walk again on my birthday this year.  It seems a fitting way to celebrate the life that God has allowed me to live.  Care to join me?  It is in Cincinnati on Sunday, March 17th.  You can sign up at 2013 Mini Heart Walk/Run

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