Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Labor Day Weekend to Remember

If I was going to have to do this, then there was no sense in putting it off. Labor Day Weekend was coming up and I scheduled the procedure (I don't call it surgery because it's really not) on a Friday and planned to go back to work on Tuesday.  In reality, though, I did not go back to work until Wednesday due to the soreness.  The electrophysiologist (another fancy word I learned this year) was kind and patient in spite of the fact that he was running about 4 hours late due to complications in an earlier procedure that morning.  I don't do well with anesthetics and learned later that I talked their heads off in the procedure room...haha.   Again, everyone at Christ Hospital was top rate and I even got to stay overnight.  Cutting the little flap that the device fits in was painless and the only real issue I had was when they had the drape a little close to my face; I am somewhat claustrophobic.  But when I asked to have it moved a little, they were quick to do so.  I have absolutely no complaints about the procedure nor the aftercare.  I also don't do well with pain medications; the only thing I can take is Tylenol 3 with codeine (oh yeah, that is some good stuff).  I was allowed to stay on that for only 5 days, though.  After that, the soreness of the incision was more apparent but nothing worse than the pain level of a normal headache really.  Sleeping was a real challenge because the device felt like a brick in my chest and so I used pillows to prop myself up on one side.

About a week later, still feeling pain, and not yet used to my little "friend" I started to wish that I had not had the procedure done.  This thing felt like an unwelcome house guest - someone you thought you wanted to spend a lot of time with but after a week they began to get on your nerves....sometimes it felt as if it was caught under my collarbone.  I was supposed to restrict lifting for 6 weeks and it was actually about 8 weeks before I could really use my left arm as normal. Frustration began to set in and I often forgot to be thankful.  All of my scoop neck and v-neck shirts were pushed to the back of the closet as I tried to hide my healing scar.  It seemed very long, red and ugly and I felt that I would never get used to seeing it in the mirror.  Some days I just wanted this thing out of me.  

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  1. Tari,
    Love your blog and I know it will be a blessing to others experiencing heart problems. Also love the play on words from your chosen scripture. Like you, I became proactive when I had the heart attack, actually 2 heart attacks 5 weeks apart. Thankfully, the Lord has given me the determination I need to eat healthy foods and really love them, and to stay active every single day. On my first doctor visit after "the event" my doctor asked me to tell him my plan to exercise every day. From there I knew what I had to do and I'm thankful every day for ability to keep moving. I want to see my young grandchildren grow up and that keeps me going.