Thursday, December 15, 2011

Time really does heal some things...

It's now been 15 weeks since my CRT/ICD was installed.  Thanks to prayers for peace, I now sleep like a rock!  My cardiologist has cut one of my meds in half.  Tiredness still sets in occasionally, but that's what naps are for, right?  In two weeks I will see the electro....(fancy name doctor) for a check-up.  It will be interesting to see the stats from the little friend under my collarbone. 

My cardiologist is very excited (his word) to see if my ejection fraction is improving; he has scheduled another echo cardiogram for April.  In the meantime, I am trying to keep the sodium level in my food low and exercise more often.  Jazzercise has become fun again even though I am only going once a week.  I use very little weights (3#) compared to what I was using before this started (8#) but that is not a problem.  I also do low-impact but someday soon I hope to start jumping around again, clumsy nut that I am!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are extra special times this year due to the fact that I am keenly aware that I might not have been alive for them if not for the recent "God-incidences" in my life.  I plan to live the rest of my life with more passion than ever. 

If you have anyone close to you who is struggling with a recent diagnosis of heart failure, please direct them to this blog.  I would love to chat with them and encourage them.  I might even send them a picture of my healed scar so they will know it's not that scary...haha  Also, if anyone sews I would love for you to develop a pretty bra strap cover for us girls with pacemakers.  Any pressure on the scar is bothersome.  The only option right now is something really medical looking and well, let me just say it - ugly!  Something thinner, pretty, dainty, and feminine would be nice.  You get the idea..  So if any of you talented people have an idea, I would gladly link your product to this blog and perhaps you could make some $$ off your idea; wouldn't that be handy?  God bless you all and stay tuned for more updates.
Who would want to wear this?