Monday, April 30, 2012

Who died and crowned me everybody's everything?

Happy to report that my best friend has recovered from surgery and is now cancer free!  We are both in a very content happy season in our lives.  As she stated so well to me today, "You know, sometimes I think maybe your miracle is that you will enjoy a long happy life with a 15-20% EF.  The fact that you feel good and can be so active is a miracle in itself."  I have to agree with her.  Yesterday I walked 3.5 miles to get ready for another mini-marathon in early June.  I seem to have learned how to eat in moderation, even sweets!  And I am fully expecting to have a good visit with the nurse practitioner this Friday afternoon.  He will want to double the morning dose of Carvedilol (Coreg) and I am not going to argue with him.  I am already tolerating the higher dosage for the evening, and increasing it in the morning could improve my EF.  I STILL have 30 pounds to lose, but that is not my focus - I am focused on living life as fully as I can, and there seems to be no limit right now!  And if you're wondering about the title of this blog post, it is the opening line from Reba's song, "A Good Friend and a Glass of Wine" and I like the sentiment that we don't have to be "everybody's everything".  That is freedom for a recovering control freak like me!

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