Thursday, August 2, 2012


I never believed I would look so forward to Autumn!  Typically I mourn the end of summer, but this year is different.  Just walking a short distance outside in this heat makes me a little winded.  Sure, I can walk, even jog a little, in my basement.  But all I see there is stuff that needs to be organized or, better yet, discarded!  My EF will be checked again in October and I continue to have no problems with the CRT, and no incidents.  

I saw a new PCP a few weeks ago and have been off Crestor since 07/14/12.  The toe cramping and painful swallowing have gone away.  I think the memory loss has stopped too, but I'm not sure I remember if it has or not....haha  By no means would I encourage others with DCM to go off their statin without talking it over seriously with their doctor.  But that probably IS a conversation you should be having.  What are the long-term effects of statins?  Do we even know at this point in time?  Why are physicians so quick to prescribe?  What about other things to try?  I read that 2 prunes a day are supposed to help, so I started eating those yesterday.  Yes, 2 a day are all I can stand, haha.  They are so gross.  I  love plums but prunes are slimy plums, and slimy fruit is never a good thing.  

Working out again for 30 minutes a day is helping me feel strong and healthy.  The 21 days without caffeine, sweets, and alcohol went very well.  I am planning to extend it somewhat.  I really found that I ate a lot more fruit and vegetables because I wasn't filled up.  Also, I drank a lot more water than usual, again for the same reason.  What I didn't like was that I continued to feel tired most of the time.  I am having a "sleep study" consultation later this month and perhaps we will get to the bottom of this fatigue then.  

Here's to your health!  

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