Monday, August 27, 2012

Has it Always Been This Hot?

Yesterday I tried to sit and watch my son play a soccer game and it was miserable.  Not the game, it was exciting - his team won 6-0 !  But trying to watch was miserable because it was just so hot.  I finally gave up and sat in the air conditioned car for about 10 minutes to cool off before trying again.  I had the same problem a few weeks ago at the Ohio State Fair.  And I will probably have the same issue next weekend at the Highland County Fair.  It stinks not being able to do things that I used to do.  I am looking forward to the fall in just a few weeks and then I will feel much better.  Considering the alternative, though, breathing trouble is not really something to complain about right now.

The Sleep Study is scheduled for next weekend also and I feel pretty confident that they have never heard anyone snore as loudly as me.  When I was in the waiting room for my consultation, I heard the staff complaining about patients.  I'm sure I'll be their topic of conversation after my study night.

Still off the Crestor until October and hoping for improved HDL and LDL levels.  I hope I'm not eating these nasty prunes for nothing....haha

Here's to your health,

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