Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Humidity....yuck!  Anyone else feeling it?  This is the first summer since my device insertion that I have really felt the thickness of the air.  Mercifully, we have had about 2 weeks of rain and it seems to have washed that away.  Much easier to breathe now.  

Last month I saw my electrophysiologist for a check-up; he is a wonderful man.  It seems my heart rate is increasing more frequently than before and the technician was concerned.  She suggested increasing my medication.  I asked that NOT be done as I already experience some fatigue due to the meds.  My awesome doctor simply adjusted my device to allow more of a time lapse in the irregular heart beat before the device will "fire".  He said it would be unnecessary treatment for the device to fire simply due to this.  That is why I love this man; he is so practical and helpful.  I wish everyone had a doctor like him.

Later this month I go back to my cardiologist for a check-up.  Probably will schedule an echo for late this year I'll bet.  I think he will be pleased with my activity level; still walking and working out.  Besides working a full time job, I now have my two beautiful grandchildren living nearby so I stay busy.  

Here's to YOUR health!  Have a beautiful Fourth of July!

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