Monday, December 7, 2015

General Anesthesia for the Control Freak

What complications, if any, are there to consider when a heart patient undergoes a simple surgical procedure that requires general anesthesia?  Search the web and you won't find a simple answer.  Almost no difference between us and them (those normal people who don't have dilated cardiomyopathy).  But trying to explain that to my inner control freak is futile.

After the first of the year I need to have a minor surgery totally unrelated to my heart.  So I have to first see my PCP for a physical, and then my cardiologist for "clearance", and finally the doctor doing the surgery for one last check.  I think there's a chart somewhere floating around in cyberspace with check boxes for everyone so that no one is held responsible if something goes wrong.  They can just look at the screen and say, "Nope, I checked that box right there....see that?  She was fine when she left my office."  

Looking through the internet (never a good thing), I find that memory loss is about the only risk of general anesthesia.  I'm not sure how my family would know the difference since they are well aware that I already have this issue most days.  So they certainly won't notice any change if it does happen.

No one likes to be out of control, especially of their own body.  But there are definitely times when we must depend upon others to take care of our bodies. My precious sister-in-law just went through major cancer surgery and everything was completely out of her control.  She learned to trust others to take good care of her and they have done an excellent job.  She is having a miraculous recovery and now can once again take over most tasks.  For a strong, capable woman to be forced to lean on others for a while can't be easy.  I am so in awe of the special love and commitment I see within her family.

Isaiah 26:3 is my verse for now and always...."You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You."  It's pretty silly to be concerned about general anesthesia; I know that now.  But I also know that God understands me better than anyone and He's actually the "controller", (sorry to use a gaming term, but I certainly wouldn't want to call God a freak...that would not be wise considering...) 

To your health,


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