Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Feeling Good and Tired

Obviously, my CRT/ICD is working really well because I have NO heart failure symptoms.  But (and there always is one, isn't there?) I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat.  I am certain it's the meds, but I don't walk around with a blood pressure cuff on so I can't prove that; maybe I could start a new fashion trend?  At any rate, I am taking just 1/2 of a 6.25 mg Carvedilol twice a day now.  And I'll admit that sometimes I "forget" all of my meds at least once a day (but never the whole day).  I think it's subliminal or something because I really don't want to take them at all.  The benefit of taking blood pressure lowering meds when you don't have high blood pressure is that you get plenty of rest.  The downside is that you really don't feel like exercising when you are sleepy.  More self discipline would definitely be a Christmas gift that I could give myself this year. 

Time to do a little more internet research and find out other ways to stay awake....I'm sure my family and my co-workers would appreciate that.